Mont Ste Victoire

The Croix de Provence is the speck on the bluff to the right of the highest one to the left.

View from the top!

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Faux amis

I am going to shamelessly steal my friend Allison’s idea for her blog and share some ‘faux amis’ or false cognates. Some of them are interesting, some of them are just surprising, and some of them are funny and incredibly embarassing if confused.

la promiscuité ≠ sexual promiscuity
= proximity, especially unwanted

plein(e) ≠ full, as in not hungry
= pregnant, usually referring to an animal

préservatif ≠ preservative, as in food
= condom

blesser ≠ to bless, benedict
= to harm

décevoir ≠ to deceive
= to disappoint

réaliser ≠ to realize, that you forgot something for example
= to achieve or to direct a film

séculaire ≠ secular, nonreligious
= sensitive

surnom ≠ surname or last name
= nickname

avertissement ≠ advertisement
= a warning or caution

bigot(e) ≠ intolerant, narrow-minded
= over-devout

candide ≠ open, frank, sincere
= naïve, ingenuous

draguer ≠ to pull along
= to flirt, to hit on

entrée ≠ the main course
= the appetizer

Maggie B.