Missy, Maman, et Marie-Do

I promised to write a bit about Missy and my mom’s stay in Aix after we came down from Paris. Well, again we had rented an apartment, and it was perfectly situated. I don’t think my mom and Missy really believed me when I told them how small Aix is, but they soon found out since the farthest we walked was ten minutes to the bus station.

Compared to Paris, Aix is a lightweight when it comes to attractions and museums. So mostly I was on restaurant duty, and we found some excellent restaurants. I’m glad Aix didn’t disappoint my guests on the food front. I showed Missy and my mom around town a bit, the markets and the squares and the fountains. Also, my host mom, Marie-Do, invited them over for panisses and wine the first night we got in. Panisses are these little greasy biscuit things made from chick pea flour, and they’re a specialty of Marseille. Well, it was an amusing meeting. I was in translation mode, and I was kind of anxious about Marie-Do’s reaction to our American openness. I was in charge of somehow describing all three women’s dating histories, opinions on men and celebrities, and theories about my own lovelife. But it was a fun little get together.

The apartment in Aix was perfect, very charming and decorated in the Provencal style. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip, really. I did get bitten by bedbugs in the foldout couch, I think, but they’re almost gone now.

Okay, next post about Rome. Ciao,
Maggie B.

1 thought on “Missy, Maman, et Marie-Do

  1. hahahahahaa reaaaallly want more description about the convo between the shepherds and marie do! ;)love youuuu and i miss you and we are terribly out of touch!claudia

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